Per le candidature spontanee potete scrivere una mail a risorseumane@sfc.company


Sfc Company is a young, dynamic company in continual expansion. The main elements that distinguish us are a strong spirit of belonging, a strong team spirit, our collaborators’ great flexibility and a decisive and constant orientation towards obtaining results. Sfc Comunicazione & Eventi is very interested in Human Resources and offers the possibility of being inserted in a competitive Italian industry. Our collaborators are involved in multifaceted projects and we encourage professional growth through the sharing of responsibility.


Sfc Company is in continual evolution and this is why it needs the integration of new human resources for each level and role of its activity. The selection of personnel will be carefully examined and if the conditions arise, you will be contacted for an interview by the Director of Personnel. Flexibility, professionalism and the desire to grow are the main characteristics we look for in our candidates; while a strong personality, determination and entrepreneurship are the necessary qualities it takes to undertake a fast professional ascent in a company that favors internal carrier development. The ideal candidate should therefore have strong initiative, the capacity to quickly adapt to changes and a natural predisposition to work in a team.


Besides attentive support, each Sfc Company employee will receive standard instruction on institutional, company and legal norms. The formation that our collaborators will be given is only the beginning. Subsequently, there will be other types of instruction based on the role he/she will have in the company and the sector that the collaborator will be working in.


Send us your curriculum vitae to enter the world of public relations, events, journalism and marketing. Do not forget to attach a photograph and a written authorization to use your data according to the privacy law as in the example below.


I guarantee the veracity of the information supplied in this curriculum vitae according to Law 196/2003 – as regarding the protection of personal data – and I declare that I have read the privacy law and give my consent to the use of the information supplied.