Sfc Events: “Extra-ordinary are those events many would have doomed as impossible to organise”.

Sfc Events is specialised in the organisation of special events, meetings and conferences in exclusive venues directly in Venice, a city with great charm and international appeal.

Sfc Events was born from the idea and the synergy of managers and professionals who are enthusiastic about high-profile events. After years of experience in the best companies of the field, we decided to give life to a new reality that would impose itself on the Venetian production scenario with the creation of exclusive and challenging, tailor-made events both at Italian and international level.

Moreover and given the uncertain landscape offered by other operators in the field, Sfc Eventi set for itself as well the major goal of becoming one of the first companies in Italy exclusively dedicated to the design and implementation of tailor-made luxury events.

We target our know-how very precisely in order to offer the best service, differentiating style, high-lighting personal choices and giving a unique ‘scent’ to our customers events. We want to give something more to our customers than just the ‘routine’ presently offered on the market.

Today Sfc Eventi’s team is able to deal with any wish and to offer the right solution for the realization of a unique event, always counting on selected and qualified personnel.

Sfc Eventi puts its experience at the service of the customer to create a unique and unrepeatable event with high quality standards.


Sfc Events organizes conferences, events, fairs, conferences, specialization masters, workshops and cultural events mainly in Venice. However, we are capable of preparing and following your event everywhere in Italy.

Contact us for organizing your event. We organize people and resources in order to make your event memorable.

Setting objectives

    Creating and planning the event
Target analysis and elaboration of the communication strategy
Choosing the location
Defining the budget
Organizing and directing the event
Closing and evaluating the event
Searching and negotiating the location
Setting: designing and decorating, exhibitions and trade shows, flower ornamentation
Technical services: traditional and state-of-the-art audiovisuals, simultaneous translation service
Management and computerized recording of the participants
Coordination of linguistic and technical personnel
Reception, information and assistance service
Marketing and Communication
Defining the graphic line and the image of the event
Planning, creating the internet site and managing the event online
Predisposing marketing and personalized web marketing plans
Effective presentations for an excellent communicative relation
Creating multimedia films and artistic multi-visions
Editing, printing, translating and distributing all the publications
Editing, printing and publishing abstracts and proceedings
Maintaining relations with the speakers
Searching for support and sponsors
Promotion: mailing and preparing the press office
Realizing the event
Selecting hotels and coordinating the reservation
Selecting restaurants and catering for the organization of the refreshment services: welcome cocktail, coffee break, tea break, business breakfast, gala dinners
Selecting, organizing and coordinating transportation services:
GT Bus
Mini bus
Representation car
Private planes
Organization and Coordination
Secretarial duties: organization and administration
Human resources: hostesses, stewards, technicians, interpreters, guides and chaperones.